Former Australia cricketer Adam Gilchrist was not impressed by Rishabh Pant’s dispute with the on-field umpire during Friday’s IPL 2024 match between Lucknow Super Giants and Delhi Capitals at the Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ekana Cricket Stadium in Lucknow. Gilchrist maintained the view that umpires should possess more jurisdiction over the game, rather than becoming entangled in unnecessary discussions during a match.

Pant was witnessed participating in a lengthy and animated discourse with one of the on-field umpires during the fourth over of Lucknow’s batting. He appeared visibly incensed after Delhi lost a review on a wide-ball review by Dafabet off a delivery from Ishant Sharma.

At first, the commentators were overcome with confusion and unable to discern the topic of the discussion until Sunil Gavaskar arrived at the conclusion that Pant had almost certainly not requested a reevaluation of the wide ball. However, it was quickly apparent from the replay that the Delhi captain had formed the letter ‘T’ in reaction to the delivery.

Gilchrist expressed to Cricbuzz after LSG’s innings that the dialogue between Pant and the umpire, which spanned around five minutes, could have been more concise and direct. According to Gilchrist, the on-field official could have simply requested the captain to resume the game once a decision had been made. Furthermore, he supported the notion of granting umpires the power to impose a monetary penalty on a player who consistently elongates the course of the discussion.

Regardless of the format, I observed yet another circumstance tonight in which umpires must exert increased control over contests. Simply put, they must enhance their capacity to progress the situation. A divergence of opinions emerged concerning Rishabh’s review status. A misinterpretation took place throughout the discourse on the review.

Nonetheless, they stood for three to four minutes and deliberated on the subject. It is my belief that the discourse is relatively uncomplicated. Irrespective of the grievances expressed by Rishabh or any other player, the umpires ought to promptly proclaim the game over and resume their personal affairs. However, if he persists to speak, he should be fined, the Australian stated.